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Fiji Bitter Introduces 6% Strength


Fiji Bitter Introduces 6% Strength

Fiji Bitter Extra 6 Percent Fiji’s leading beverages company Paradise Beverages is releasing a extension of Fiji Bitter, Fiji’s first beer, to the market today. This is a 6% alc./vol beer that acknowledges both the consumers demand for new products and its continuing innovation in the world of high quality beer brewing.

Paradise Beverages’ General Manager, Mike Spencer, said that by appreciating the past one can then value the present and embrace the aspirations we have for our future.

“In August 1957, 62 years ago, our business was established. The first keg of Fiji Bitter beer was produced in the very location that is still our Suva Brewery. Our business has changed significantly over the years. We have had a number of company names and changed ownership several times, with the latest change being in 2012 when we were acquired by Amatil. From our humble beginnings with production of just one SKU, we can now proudly claim to be the power behind Fiji’s, and Samoa’s, most loved beverage portfolio, with over 16 brands of beers, spirits and RTDs produced in our breweries and distillery.”

 “With our rich history and unrivalled brand portfolio, and our greatest asset, over 300 fantastic people in Fiji, it is only fitting that we take the time to celebrate our journey, the progress we have made and the success we have achieved.”

Fiji Bitter Extra will be available across Fiji in the coming weeks in single and 12 pack 750mL bottles.